Elastic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class Three

INDICATION for Elastic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

– Elastic lumbar sacral orthosis used for Disc Herniation & Degeneration (Slipped disc)
– Osteoporosis (Gradual bone disintegration)
– Acute Lumbar Sacral Sprain & Strain
– Spondylolisthesis (Vertebral dislocation)
– Spondyloysis & Spondylitis
– Discopathy

Elastic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis FEATURES

– Excellent Elastic material for user’s maximum comfort & fitting.
– Lumbar Sacral Orthosis with 30cm height allowing firm compression & Stabilization.
– Additional Side straps for adjustable compression & stabilization
– Allowing posterior reinforcements on the lumbar-sacral region & increasing intra-abdominal pressure with 4 spinal shaped stays.


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.


Products with the Highest support force to
help the rehabilitation of the site of injury

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Fibers & Materials

Polyester, Nylon, Rubber, Polyethylene

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