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Medical Brands Worldwide

Our Partners

Medstic is proud to be the Exclusive Agent in Egypt for many of the best international medical brands specializing in the manufacture of prosthetic limbs, prosthetic devices, splints, medical supports and braces that are internationally accredited and manufactured with the latest technology from many countries such as European Union, France, South Korea, India and more.

Help people improve their mobility and live better

Your Trust .. Our Goal

Your trust is what we seek, whether you are one of our customers or one of our distributors, as you both are part of our family and because we know the requirements for obtaining this trust, we strive to transform what you previously thought – impossible – into reality.

We provide you with the latest splints and medical supports to help you get rid of your pain, as well as provide you with the latest international technology in the field of prosthetics and prosthetic devices to help you restore your life naturally.

As one of our distributors, we are fully aware of what the Egyptian market requires and we know very well how to help you to be an effective part of this market.

ثقتك هي هدفنا

Inevitably, the dream will come true when our experience meets what you need with your trust

Our dream at Medstic is to be always the first and best choice for you  because we know what your needs are and we feel your pain, so we see ourselves responsible for providing the most appropriate products to help you get rid of your pain as well as live your life normally.

Why Doctors Prefers Our Products?

Because we bring the best medical brands in Orthotics and prosthesis innovation to women, men, and children in Egypt.

Premium Quality

We carefully choose the highest quality products for you from the best international medical brands.

customer service

Professional customer service to answer all your inquiries

Technical Support

We have a team of experts and consultants to provide you with technical support, the information, training, and workshops you need.

Competitive Price

All of our products have been chosen based on the best value, quality, and most appropriate price without any compromises.
لماذا يفضل الأطباء منتجاتنا؟
We Couldn’t Do It Without YOU

How We Support Our Retailers & Distributors

Training & Technical Assistance

we will provide you with the necessary training and all information you need so that you can provide distinctive service to your customers. We also provide you with technical assistance at the hands of specialists.

Competitive Prices & Gifts

We are fully aware of what our Egyptian market needs and what attracts the Egyptian user to a product from others. So we provide you with the offers and competitive prices you need to promote our products. 

Implementing workshops

In Medstic we believe in the importance of workshops to our distributors, as well as they help us in providing comprehensive solutions to advance the work of our distributors and work to come up with new ideas and transfer of experiences through the presence of experienced people from all over the world.

Events & Conferences

It’s important to build a strong chain of relationships between different distributors, each other, as well as between them and individuals interested in the medical field as well as medical institutions. It also enables us to display the latest technologies to keep our distributors informed of all that is new.

Our products are always at your hands

Our Authorized Distributors & Retailers

You will always find our products close to you at our authorized distributors in all of Egypt, and you will also find many options such as online shopping or the possibility of shipping to the door of the house, payment with electronic cards, and many other services that meet all your needs.

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