Laced Ankle Stabilizer


Laced Ankle Stabilizer


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class Two

INDICATION for Laced Ankle Stabilizer

– Proprioception of the Ankle
– Muscle weakness of the Ankle
– Ankle Slight Injuries, Traumas & contusions
– Ankle Instability & Laxity
– Tendonitis, Bursitis & Osteoarthritis of the Ankle
– Plantar & Lateral Tendonitis & Irritations
– Mild Distortion, Sprain & Strain on the Ankle Ligament (Inversion & Eversion)

Laced Ankle StabilizerFEATURES

– Allowing warmth and Compression on the Ankle region.
– Mesh materials for user’s maximum comfort & fitting with Heel Opening
– Adjustable compression by additional Cross Strap
– Allowing Collateral reinforcements on Malleoli with side stays
– Easy & simple wear by laced fastener with shoe.
– Adjustable compression by Lased Front Fasteners
– Useful for protecting weaken muscles & preventing sports injuries


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.

Laced Ankle Stabilizer

Prevention, Warmth, Compression product including pain relief functions

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Fibers & Materials

Polyester, Nylon, Rubber, PP

How to Wear Laced Ankle Stabilizer

Laced Ankle Stabilizer Sizes

S – M – L – XL

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