Post-Operative ROM Knee Brace with Revolving Dial Lock


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class Four

INDICATION for Post-Operative ROM Knee Brace with Revolving Dial Lock

– ROM Knee Brace used for ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries)
PCL(Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries)
– Post Operative & Post-Surgical treatment of the knee
Post Traumatic rehabilitation after lesion in the knee region
Immobilization & Stabilization after Injuries (Fractures) & Surgery
– Sprains, Injuries & lesion on the knee ligaments
Fractures of Femur, Tibia & Fibula

Post-Operative ROM Knee Brace with Revolving Dial Lock FEATURES

– Divided as ACL or PCL as Anterior & Posterior Frames positioning

– Allowing the limitation of ROM on the Knee joint with Revolving Dial Lock system for Immobilization & Stabilization
Extension limitation at: 0 ~ 90◦(every 15◦) Flexion limitation at: 0 ~ 135◦(every 15◦)
– Easy & simple wear by Full Open Wrap Style
Collateral ROM Hinges for lateral reinforcements, Immobilization & Stabilization with restriction of Knee movement
– Form Liners & Pads for the user’s maximum comfort & fitting
Adjustable compression by Double Upper & Lower Velcro Straps


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.

medstic medical trade company

Products with the Highest support force to
help the rehabilitation of the site of injury

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Fibers & Materials

Aluminum, Steel, Polyester, Nylon, PU, PP, POM

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