Compression Stocking Thigh High Class 1


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class One

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INDICATION for Compression Stocking Thigh High Class 1

-Compression Stocking Thigh High Class 1 Anti DVT
– Surgical DVT
– Anti-Embolism
– Anti-Thrombosis
– Mild swelling
– Varicose Vein
– (15-20 mmHg)

Class 1 Indications ( mild compression )

-Feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs.

Slight varicosis without a strong tendency to edema.

-Incipient varicosis during pregnancy.

Prevention of thrombosis.

Compression Stocking Thigh High Class 1 FEATURES

– Helpful to promote blood circulation
– Reducing fatigue, swelling and varicose Veins
– Allowing relief from tiredness & aching legs
– Closed-toe for maximum fitting with silicone dots.
– Enhanced Gradual Compression in legs
– Spandex materials for firm support & compression


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.

شركة ميدستيك الطبية (1)

Effective class for Prevention, Warmth, Compressions

Detailed Image

Fibers & Materials

Polyamide(Nylon), Spandex(Polyurethane), Silicone dots

How to Wear


S – M – L – XL

How to measure?

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