Ankle Foot Orthosis For Foot Drop


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class Four

INDICATION for Ankle Foot Orthosis for Foot Drop AFO

– Ankle Foot Orthosis for Foot Drop AFO for Foot Drop.
– Paralysis of Lower Limb.
– Flaccid Paralysis.
– Ankle Instability & Laxity.
– Muscle weakness of the Ankle & Foot.

Ankle Foot Orthosis for Foot Drop AFO FEATURES

– Anatomical design for user’s maximum fitting.
– Light Flexible PP material for user’s comfort with shoe.
– Velcro Strap fasteners for adjustable fitting and stabilization.
– Useful and helpful for prevention of the foot from falling &
maintaining foot at 90°.


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.

medstic medical trade company

Products with the Highest support force to
help the rehabilitation of the site of injury

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Fibers & Materials

PP, PU, Polyester, Nylon

How to Wear


Right / Left

S – M – L – XL

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