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ACL Knee Support


Origin: South Korea

Class: Class Three

INDICATION for ACL Knee Support

– ACL Knee Support for ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries)
– Post Operative & Post-Surgical treatment of the knee
Post Traumatic rehabilitation after lesion in the knee region
– Knee Instability & Laxity
Knee arthrosis & arthritis
Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
Sprain & Strain on the Knee Ligament
– (Gray Type)


– Allowing excellent warmth & compression on the knee region
– Useful for protecting weaken muscles & preventing sports injuries
– Easy & simple wear by Full Open Wrap Style
Collateral Polycentric articulated Hinges for lateral reinforcements & Stability during knee movement
Patella Opening for user’s maximum comfort & fitting
Adjustable compression & Stabilization with Anterior Triangular Straps by the principles of 3 points pressure


Dr.MED products are classified as four classes.
The various products can cover preventing injuries to rehabilitation after surgery.

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Optimized product for us to
improve the function of the injured part

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Fibers & Materials

Polyester, Nylon, Neoprene, Aluminum, Rubber

How to Wear


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